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Vision America Sealants.com is a World Wide Distributor of the number one tire sealant in the world. Our tire sealant can be used in any air filled tire, large or small, tube or tubeless. From large corporations to the novice hunter that wants to protect their tires, we have a product for them. And best of all our tire sealant is made in the USA.

Our supplier is Best Designs Inc. Established in 1990; Their corporate office is located in Illinois and the manufacturing facility is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Best Designs has represented the highest quality tire sealants manufactured in the United States. Originally designed for the heavy construction, mining and farming operations to reduce down time due to flat tires and bead leaks. As time went by, it was discovered that this special formula would also keep tires running cooler which makes tires last longer. This discovery has made a huge difference in the over the road truck industry. With the tires properly inflated at all times they have also discovered better fuel mileage.

Best Designs represents the house brand of LiQuiTube along with over 20 private brand labels. LiQuiTube is the top selling premium tire sealant in the United States and is also a major export product sold in over 118 countries. Best Designs works with companies and individuals involved in heavy duty, commercial, transportation, and agricultural industries.

LiQuiTube coats the inside of tires and wheels to form a liquid inner tube to keep air filled tires properly inflated for the life of the tire which increases profits by:

STOPS FLATS - A unique product that permanently seals tread area punctures up to 1/4" for the life of the tire, larger punctures will normally seal in heavy ply tires.

SAVES FUEL - Will completely coat the inside of the tire. This coating seals the tire against all slow air leaks and helps prevent fuel-robbing under inflation.

EXTENDS TIRE LIFE - Under inflation is the #1 tire killer. By maintaining proper air pressure, a tire will generate much less heat due to excessive flexing and friction causing the tire to run much cooler and last much longer.

PREVENTS CASING DAMAGE - This excessive friction and heat buildup due to underinflated tires causes permanent damage and can also cause tire failure. LiQuiTube helps by maintaining proper air pressure to prevent casing damage.

REDUCES DOWNTIME - LiQuiTube saves you from expensive downtime by keeping your equipment rolling. LiQuiTube is a must in any preventative maintenance program!

LiQuiTube has proven itself a dependable and durable partner in any preventative maintenance program designed to keep your equipment rolling on schedule. This exceptional product combines an ethylene glycol-based solution with natural fibers, artificial fibers, adhesion agents, corrosion inhibitors and other solids. It is designed to keep the fibers and solids in constant suspension.

Because there is no settling of the solids and fibers, LiQuiTube is always ready to work for you. No mixing, stirring or other preparation is necessary. The adhesion properties in LiQuiTube coupled with the fact that it remains fluid when installed in the tire, provides constant protection for all parts of the tire.

LiQuiTube allows you to maximize tire life while reducing fuel consumption and related downtime expenses. These facts of improved economy of operation make a preventative maintenance product that you cannot afford to be without.

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